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Do You Have Low T
What is Hypogonadism?
By Atara Noiade, DAOM, MBioSci. 085.2355177 Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine
This is very simply the low production of testosterone in the male body. Testosterone is the hormone which is vital in the development of male puberty and which may affect sperm levels as well. This is something one can be born with, or which may develop as a result of infection or injury after the person has matured. If your doctor has diagnosed you with hypogonadism, testosterone therapy may be suggested. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used as well, or as an adjunct to treatment received by your primary care physician.
How does Chinese medicine look at a low sperm count or a low sex drive?
In Chinese Medicine, low sperm count, lack of sexual desire (in both men and women) or low performance is viewed as merely a symptom of the whole body imbalance. What is common for folks with hypogonadism is to have an imbalance related to what is called the original Qi, or Jing. If Jing is weak, the patient may also experience additional symptoms which can be individually addressed using Chinese Medicine. These symptoms might include hair loss, weak teeth, and general disinterest in exercise. In addition to weak Jing, the patient may have various symptoms which manifest in particular patterns. For example, the man may be experiencing low back pain, feelings of being cold or tired, and very low sex drive. Another set of symptoms may appear in a very different pattern with night sweats, feeling warm in the afternoon, excessive thirst, heart palpitations, and a high sex drive.
How can Chinese Medicine including acupuncture help my T levels?
Often men report a substantial difference after the first treatment, but more typically three or four treatments will be necessary to “jump start” the Qi, and help the body on its way to getting the sperm active again and to increase desire overall. Chinese Medicine is especially beneficial because it takes the whole person into account. Typically a practitioner will spend a substantial amount of time during the first treatment asking many questions and observing the patient. This will show the practitioner the unique individual and what the pattern is which must be addressed. The treatment is then tailored to that person, to best realign and strengthen the Qi in the body. In this way, acupuncture is akin to physical therapy: it is important to keep reminding the body of the proper flow of Qi, or energy.
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